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hi. i'm michelle

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spirit animal !

i'm michelle

if you could use three words to describe yourself,
what would they be?

Mine would be crazy ambitious, off-the-walls creative and an all round dreamer of all things possible.


That’s technically not three words. But it’s hard to limit yourself. I don’t think people can ever truly be ‘boxed’ into categories or have only three specific words to describe them – although, you should just know that I’m 100% in love with personality tests; Myers-Briggs’ 16 Personalities right down to a good ol’ Buzzfeed Quiz. 

My true passion lies with finding my purpose in life, trying to help like-minded creatives discover their direction and form deep and meaningful connections with my spirit animals. 

An avid calligrapher, endless book reader and lover of all things pastel, I’m a small city New Zealand creative entrepreneur + blogger with big dreams of doing something impactful for the world. 

How I Started Online

I’ve been running various online businesses since 2012. We are talking everything from freelance writing, affiliate marketing to creating niche websites to market my own #1 Amazon bestselling eBooks online. 

If you are wondering how I managed to do all that all before evening hitting 23, it’s all because of my brother Mark.

Mark is the founder of Affilorama (one of the most popular affiliate marketing training programs out there and I’m not even just saying that to show him off) and multiple other products and services.

I highly recommend checking out Affilorama if you’re a blogger or any other online entrepreneur wanting to earn some serious side-income (that could potentially turn into a full-time high flying career) via successful and effective affiliate marketing. 

It’s crazy to think how far things have changed since the 14-year-old girl first dabbled in affiliate marketing by watching her brother’s videos.  

Now, throughout high school, Mark took me under his wing and taught me some of his ropes for successful affiliate marketing, eBook selling and niche website creation. But, there had always been a sense of dissatisfaction. 

The moment I graduated high school, I realized that the ‘colder’ and less ‘personal’ but definitely extremely profitable world of affiliate marketing wasn’t for me (at least, it wouldn’t be my top focus). So, I stepped into the world of freelance writing. For more information on my success as a freelance writer and discover exactly how I made $5000+ in my first month check out my income report here

I can safely say that I really did make a killer side income with it, especially considering the fact that at the time I was still in uni studying a course with a heavy and hectic workload. But fortunately, as my student loan kept piling up to the point I could hardly breathe, my freelance writing business really took off and allowed me to live a financially freer student lifestyle. 

I switched around the clock and tried a wide range of niches. I worked as a lifestyle writer for a couple of years before switching over to become a real estate writer for another couple of years. Both niches were highly profitable, but what I really found a passion for was creating amazing content for creative small business owners looking to build their online presence and bolster their income. 

However, a job that I initially loved soon gave me a lot of stress. With an ever-growing number of uni assignments, an active social life and so many other things on my plate, I no longer had the time to invest in my freelance writing business. So inevitably, I had to make the very hard decision of closing down my services. 

This leads us to Curated By Michelle today. 

Making money as a freelance writer was definitely a profitable hustle for me but I realised what Mark said all along was right. It is definitely best to earn money passively because making money any other way would be limited to time. It would depend on how fast you can hustle and bring on the next client. 

So, I decided to create and launch CBM which would not only include everything that I have ever learned about being a successful creative entrepreneur, but I would also talk about all the things that I am currently learning. Because after all, being an online entrepreneur and blogger is a never-ending journey. 

Still, what I truly wanted was to make that personal connection and create a sense of community. 

What really rocks my boat is creating a safe space, a warm friendly environment where like-minded creatives can come together and learn from each other. A place creative individuals can gather together, share the mistakes that they have made and have a good ol’ laugh. 

This is exactly what Curated By Michelle is and what it offers to each and every reader. Curated By Michelle is somewhere people can work together to build each other up to grow their businesses and skyrocket their profits without having to feel like your life is being sucked from right under you. 

Now, did you relate to anything I said? I love meeting my spirit animals. So flick me a message using the box below or get involved around my site. I feel truly blessed to have you here figuring out exactly how lame I can be when I put my mind to it 😉 

Check out what I found in my diary… 

“I really do prefer people to only know how weird I am after we become friends – that way its too late for them to escape” – 15 year old Michelle

Want to be friends? 

Get access to my library of FREE resources that I specifically designed for bloggers + creative entrepreneurs looking to build their business by signing up to my community! 

So hit me up if you are a creative and crazily ambitious hustler, let’s get to really know each other and I’ll show you all my insider’s secrets on how to build your own, profitable online business too! 

If you’re this is something that you’re interested in, I specialize in topics such as content marketing, transforming your online business from pennies to diamonds and list building strategies. Simply click the button below to sign up.

And hey, thanks for listening to me ramble. You’re a gem. Honest to God. <3

hi, I'm Michelle

I make your blog come to life.

I help heart-centred, creative entrepreneurs start money-making blogs and achieve financial freedom by building their income and skyrocketing their digital presence. 

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my message to you

why you need a blog

I didn’t always start off knowing what I wanted to do or how I should go about doing it. Building your own online business in a world where there seems to be endless competition can be daunting. 

In fact, you can probably imagine a twenty something year old girl with big dreams and big hopes feeling lost and totally overwhelmed in her ripped t shirt and worn out jeans. 

At age 15 I began affiliate marketing – with my first affiliate marketing website being in the dog training niche – no joke! 

At age 16 I created a health+wellness blog and sold my first bestselling eBook and began a lucrative high school career as an eBook seller + affiliate marketer. This in turn catapaulted me into the financial freedom of being an online entrepreneur where I managed to earn enough to pay for my entire first year in university.  

At age 18 I invested $15 into Elance (now known as Upwork) and began an illustrious career as a freelance writer. This investment cam back nearly 400x as I earned $5,000+ within just my first month freelance writing. 

Now, at age 22 and a half, I am creating a platform where I want to help you make money online using my tried and true tactics. I want to help you achieve creative and financial freedom via a successful blogging business with minimal investment on your part!

From the set up process to building traffic and simplifying the different monetization routes you can take, read my complete guide to creating a money making blog for newbies. Here I will share with you my no fluff, no filler, step by step roadmap to blogging success.


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