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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Blogging and SEO <3

blogging and seo tips and tricks to increase blog traffic
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Blogging and SEO.

For those of us that aren’t tech-savvy, SEO makes us want to hide under a blanket and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Am I right or what?

Well, at least, that was what 14 year old Michelle felt about having to follow her brother’s SEO video tutorials and implementing it into her first website.

Now, 22-year-old Michelle is a lot smarter (well, one would hope!) And she realizes the importance and the benefits that SEO can bring to her blog. She understands that without it, releasing a blog post into the big, bad world of Google or Yahoo! or Bing etc. would mean that it’d just get lost among the sea of 1 BILLION + web pages.

So, my main mission with this ultimate beginner’s guide to SEO and blogging is to break search engine optimization down for you into easily digestible chunks. Because now it’s prime time that you begin putting some strategy behind your search engine results and learn how to increase blog traffic today!

blogging and seo tips and tricks to increase blog traffic
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Blogging and SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

What is SEO Exactly?

Okay, so Search Engine Optimization basically refers to the process of growing blog traffic by making sure that your website (and all the pages/posts associated with it) appears high on search engine results.

SEO can be pretty complicated for those who haven’t quite wrapped their heads around the concept yet, but my main aim is to strip it down to the very basics, tell you exactly what you need to know and which blogger SEO tools are best to when it comes to investing your time and moolah!

This is because, in my experience, I have noticed that even a small tweak to your blogging and SEO strategy can increase traffic to your blog by the truckload. And without people visiting your site, what’s the point of even having one in the first place?

Plus, after reading my guide, I guarantee that you’ll walk away feeling pumped and ready to change the world one keyword at a time!

What are ya waitin’ for? Let’s learn how to increase traffic to your blog using SEO today!

Click the image above to grab your FREE Checklist of Traffic Boosting Blog Post Ideas

Search Engine Ranking Factors (2019)

Very few people know about SEO and even fewer even try if they do know what it is.

Even though the algorithms for search engine rankings change literally every single year, there are a few things that every online entrepreneur has to know!

  1. SEO keywords
  2. Backlinks
  3. User’s experience

Let me elaborate…

#1 SEO Keywords

Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. If you want to skyrocket your online presence and get your posts ranking in the top few searches of the search engine, you need to create contextually rich content. But don’t think for a second that you can manipulate Google. This search engine is one smart cookie and it knows it’s spammers from its genuine users.

This is because Google doesn’t just randomly crawl all over the internet to find pages that have specific keywords. Rather, Google’s algorithm searches for words/phrases with related meaning in your content to your SEO keywords too!

So, here are some of my best SEO tips and tricks to boosting your blog’s keyword strategy!

blogging and seo tips and tricks to increase blog traffic
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Blogging and SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

SEO Tips and Tricks #1: Choosing the Right SEO Keywords for Your Blog

When you are trying to research topics, you have to make sure that you are being crystal clear with what your blog post is about. From there, you will be able to select the best SEO keywords for your blog that will help you to rank high and convert your visitors into likely customers.

Remember, the it isn’t enough just to know how to increase blog traffic, you have to know how to increase traffic to your blog with yourideal visitors. There is no point in ranking high for keywords that don’t relate to your article/website because even if your traffic is high, your conversion rate will be crazy low!

The best way to analyse the traffic potential of a keyword comes in two common forms…

  1. Search Volume: the higher the average monthly search volume, the greater the number of people are searching up this keyword.
  2. Competition/Difficulty: this refers to how easy it will be for you to rank highly for this keyword. The greater the number, the more difficult it will to rank on the first page of search engine results for this keyword.

SEO Tips and Tricks #2: Create Cluster Topic Content

Hey all you bloggers, this ultimate beginner’s guide to SEO wouldn’t be complete without talking about cluster topics.

Topic clustering refers to the method of grouping similar content topics and keywords together. This is a method that has been skyrocketing in popularity recently due to the fact that Google loves providing relevant content to their readers.

By utilising this SEO strategy, this will help you to create semantically related content so that you will be able to rank for dozens of SEO keywords in your niche!

For example, if you ran a dental blog and wanted to rank for the keywords, ‘complete dentures’, your semantically related content could include…

Complete Dentures

  • Full Dentures
  • The Pros and Cons of False Teeth
  • Tooth Replacement Options
  • The Benefits of Wearing Complete Dentures
  • How Do You Get Complete Dentures?
  • How Much Do Dentures Cost?
blogging and seo tips and tricks to increase blog traffic
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Blogging and SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

SEO Tips and Tricks #3: Where to Implement Your SEO Strategies

SEO is more than simply sprinkling your keywords everywhere. There is a lot of strategy and careful planning that needs to be involved…

Brainstorm hundreds of long tail keywords

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog is through the use of long tail keywords.

Essentially, long tail keywords are phrases that contain anywhere between 3-5 words that relate to your main keyword topic. For example, if you are a health and fitness blogger, your main keyword topic could be ‘pilates’ and your long tail keywords could include something like ‘how to do pilates’, or ‘pilates for beginners’ etc.

Through the use of long tail keywords, you will be helping to skyrocket the relevance of your blog post and build trust with Google. This in turn will increase traffic to your blog and boost your blog’s rank in search engine results.

Find seed keywords for your article topic

It probably goes without saying that seed keywords are different from long tail keywords.

Seed keywords are also known as ‘short tail’ keywords that focuses on the main topic of your article. For example, in the same case of the health and fitness blogger, your seed keyword would be ‘pilates’.

In general, the higher the search volume of a keyword, the more likely it will be difficult to rank for them i.e. a higher competition/difficulty rate.

However, don’t shy away from choosing high competition/high difficulty seed keywords. The main idea here is to give Google an indication of exactly what your blog post/article is about and then select some lower competition/lower difficulty long tail keywords to rank for.

With careful research and selection of both short tail and long tail keywords, you’ll be able to increase traffic to your blog and rank high in search engine results in no time!

Click the image above to grab your FREE Checklist of Traffic Boosting Blog Post Ideas

My Favourite Blogger SEO Tools…

Best Free Blogger SEO Tools

  1. Google Keywords Planner
  2. Traffic Travis
  3. Ubersuggest

Best Paid Blogger SEO Tools

  1. Buzzsumo
  2. Traffic Travis (paid version)
  3. SEMrush
blogging and seo tips and tricks to increase blog traffic
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Blogging and SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

#2 Link Building

Link building is all about building trust with the search engines.

But how does link building help to bolster your search rank and increase traffic to your blog?

Well, essentially, search engines like Google trust sites more that have lots of other sites linking to it. So, as a result, search engines like Google will try a lot harder to increase visibility of that particular site.

In other words, the more sites you have linking to yours, the higher your search engine authority.


Not all links are created equal.

Here’s what I mean…

  • High Authority Links. The more ‘high authority’ sites you have linking to your site, the more likely Google will value your site and boost its webpage ranking.
  • Relevant Niche Specific Links. The more relevant ‘niche-specific’ sites you have linking to your site, the better. This concept suggests that obtaining links from general or off-topic sites have a lower value towards increasing your search engine authority compared to a site that is relevant to yours.
  • Your Links Matter Too. It is every bit as important to take note of which links your website links off to because a website that links to spam is likely to be spam itself. As a result, search engines tend to rank webpages that have low-quality links off it lower in search engine results. For example, it would be far better for you to link to a trusted, high authority website with lots of credibility than a small, dodgy looking website.
  • Social Sharing. There is a gradual rise in the importance of social sharing. With many social media accounts linking to your webpage, the likelihood of your webpage ranking higher will be greater. However, the exact
  • Anchor Text. According to Moz, anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. (<– Here you can see that Moz is my anchor text as it is the light blue, clickable text that links off to their webpage). One of the biggest signals that search engines use to rank their search results is via anchor text. If you have lots of links pointing to a page using the right keywords, chances are, that page will have a high probability of ranking well for the target phrase in your anchor text. The best anchor text practices include making your anchor text succinct, specific, relevant to the linked-to page, not overly high in keyword density etc.

How to Increase Blog Traffic Through Effective Link Building

There are many SEO blog tips out there that will tell you the various ways in which you can grow your blog traffic through link building, but here are my favourite few options…

1. Promoting other people’s content.

One of the most effective tricks to increase blog traffic through effective link building is to encourage people to share your content is if you promote their content and add value to their business. For example, you could achieve this by writing a review of their product, services, blog post etc. and reach out to them informing them that you have featured them in your article and some of them will be so flattered that they link the heck out of your blog post in return!

2. Guest posting

You’ll hear a lot of mixed reviews and advice about a few particular SEO blog tips such as this one. But I think that guest posting is a rather neat idea. It might not be the easiest way to get high quality links, but it is a super fun way to try and win links while building relationships with your fellow bloggers!

3. Social links

With the ever growing presence of social media, the importance of social sharing is growing by the minute. So, be sure to not only share your articles yourself onto sites like Facbook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also offer social sharing icons throughout your website so that you can encourage other people who loved your website to share it too! Blogging and SEO go way beyond simply implementing strategies by yourself, so don’t be afraid to involve others in your journey too!

4. Piggyback off your competitor’s backlinks

If your competitor has written about a blog post on a similar topic to yours, what you should be doing is trying to find out exactly who they have linking to their website because chances are, these people might be interested in linking to yours as well! To achieve this, I personally love using a free SEO tool called Traffic Travis. This free SEO software was created by Mark and a team of SEO specialists and I have never created a website without it (Mark’s my brother, full disclosure yo’!)

This is because with Traffic Travis you can …

  1. Find respected link partners and build quality backlinks
  2. Monitor your search engine rankings so that you know exactly where to focus your efforts
  3. Find out why competitors outrank you, then beat them!
  4. Keep tabs on your competitors to spot keywords you should target
  5. Uncover technical mistakes that may affect your rankings
  6. Perform a full SEO health check on any website to discover both yours and your competitor’s complete SEO stats.

There is a free version and a paid version of Traffic Travis. But while the paid version is definitely a lot better (as most things are in life), this doesn’t negative the fact that having the free version alone is 1000x better than not having it at all!

The free version will allow you to analyze invaluable data that would take you weeks if not months to unleash in only a matter of a couple of seconds. All you have to do is to create a free account on the Traffic Travis website and you’ll be staring into the secrets behind your competition’s high SEO ranking and what you can do to improve yours!

Get your free membership at Traffic Travis now!

blogging and seo tips and tricks to increase blog traffic
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Blogging and SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic

#3 User’s Experience

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but the best blogging and SEO strategy would not be complete without factoring in your user’s experience.

This is because nowadays, search engines like Google place a lot of emphasis on user’s experience. This means, search engines like Google wants to see people actively engaging on your blog. If your audience seems to hate whats going on with your site, then Google won’t be pushing your blog to recommend to others.

So, for quality user’s experience, you need to make sure that you check off the following things…

Mobile Friendly

Google has just recently released a new algorithm called mobile first indexing. Essentially this means that websites/blogs will be ranked according to the ease of use of their mobile site and not their desktop site. This shift makes sense because more than half of Google searches these days come from mobile devices, so user experience when it comes to mobile responsiveness is super critical to your website/blog’s success.

Low Bounce Rates

You want to aim for a low bounce rate. Bounce rates typically refer to the percentage of people that leave your website without clicking on any other link on your site.

If Google or any of the other search engines see that your visitors aren’t engaging with your website and aren’t hanging around for a very long time, they will deem your website as showcasing low-quality content that nobody wants, thus impacting your search engine ranking negatively.

On average, a bounce rate of between 20-40% is considered good, 40-60% is considered average, 60-80% is considered higher than normal and anything over 80% is cause for alarm.

To learn more about your bounce rates, you can use free tools such as Google Analytics.

Longer Engagement Times

Essentially, the longer a person spends on your site, the higher the likelihood Google will rank your website favourably. This is exactly why things such as i) ease of website use, ii) low bounce rates and iii) long-form content (greater than 1500 words) is important in increasing reader engagement.

If readers aren’t sticking around for long, search engines like Google will think that your blog doesn’t offer any quality content and thus, avoid showing your website in search engine results.

To learn more about your reader’s average time on site, you can find out this from Google Analytics.

Fast Site Speeds

Nobody likes a slow poke. And this is so true when it comes to websites. After all, how many times have you stared at that rainbow coloured pinwheel on your laptop screen going round and round waiting impatiently for a webpage to load only to give up halfway and click out of the webpage?

When that happens, search engines like Google chooses to place your website lower in the ranks due to poor user experience and who could blame them?

To discover your blog’s page speed stats, use this Google Page Insights, a free tool that allows you to discover exactly what your page speed health is at and how you can go about fixing it. Trust me, it’s helpful stuff!

Click the image above to grab your FREE Checklist of Traffic Boosting Blog Post Ideas

Keep it People Focused, Not Traffic Focused

At the end of the day, the most important thing is the people that you are writing for and not the search engines. After all, it isn’t Google or Yahoo or Bing! that you are trying to form a relationship with, it’s your charming readers who are looking at you with them eager eyes.

So, always check in with yourself and refocus your mission statement. This will help you to remain laser-focused on the right stuff because it can be so easy to lose sight of what really matters when you are spending hours on end trying to build your blogging and SEO strategy.

However, I honestly believe that if you create content with your reader’s best interests in mind, you will do well for the search engines as well. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask yourself what you can do to make their experience on your site better, what they are looking for and how you can help provide a solution to their problems which I think is so much more important than dumping SEO keywords left and right.

So stop stressin’ and start hustlin’! At the end of the day, search engines like Google want to provide their users with the most helpful content they have to offer, so focusing on being helpful is one of the best tricks to increase blog traffic out there!

Looking for more blogging and SEO tips? Here are some additional reading materials to supplement the ultimate beginner’s guide to blogging and SEO …

The Best Google Analytic Hacks to Grow Traffic for Bloggers

Drop a comment in the section below and tell me if you found this ultimate beginner’s guide to SEO and blogging helpful and if you have any other nifty thrifty SEO blog tips on how to increase blog traffic using search engine optimization? I’d love to hear back from ya!

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