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Customizable Media Kit Indesign Template + BONUS Professional Copy



Increase sponsorships, profits and build your professional repertoire with my sleek media kit Indesign template for bloggers, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Included is a BONUS media kit copy (written by yours truly) for maximum impact! Win sponsors, land deals and build your online empire today.


Highlights of the Media Kit Indesign Template!

  • This beautifully designed 5-page InDesign (.INDD) Media Kit template highlights your brand and impresses potential sponsors in the most effective way – go you!
  • In addition, I have helped you professionally write a media kit copy to ensure that you showcase your brand in the most influential way possible so that you will be able to monetize your business to the max. Simply fill in the blanks and customize my words to fit your brand. 
  • Fun Fact: This media kit Indesign template landed one of my clients $1750 worth of sponsors within a month of releasing it! How sweet is that?

Tell Me More About the Media Kit Indesign Template!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger or an online entrepreneur with a blog, you need to have a media kit! Unless, of course, you’re not interested in squeezing some moolah out of all that hard work of yours (pfft… surely not!)

However, in order to actually make your blog a money-making machine, you’ve gotta sell, sell, sell!

And a badly made media kit with an ineffective copy is not the way to do that!

It is so important to have a strong media kit that outlines exactly what you can offer to other brands/partners and tells them exactly what value your brand can offer them. Not to mention, being able to offer a media kit will make you super legit (and gives you the freedom to charge others what you’re actually worth).

Purchase this media kit Indesign template to help give you the most professional and aesthetically beautiful way to showcase your brand, highlight your immense value and tell people exactly how freakin’ amazing you are! Simply customize my hard-hitting, powerful and proven to be effective copy to build your influence and start monetizing your business in major ways!

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