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The Freelance Blueprint: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Freelancing



Want to know how to be a freelancer that earns the big bucks? Don’t waste away your time working for squat! Learn how to build yourself a profitable business that actually thrives! With these freelancing tips for beginners, it is possible to start freelancing with no experience and make an amazing living out doing something that satisfies your financial and creative freedom!


Highlights of the Freelance Blueprint

  • This beautifully designed 80+ paged eBook is jam-packed with hard-hitting, must-know insider tips on how to start a freelance business profitably, effectively and legally!
  • Divided into 10 chapters (+ a bonus chapter!), the Freelance Blueprint is perfect for 1) beginners who want to know how to start freelancing with no experience and 2) those who want to migrate from the competitive world of ‘freelance mills’ and have high paying clients that come knocking at their door.
  • With no fluff, no filler, the Freelance Blueprint gives tips for freelancers on how to start freelancing work so that you won’t have to slave away just to get crumbs.
  • This eBook is brought to you by Michelle, a 22-year-old who made $5000+ in her FIRST MONTH of becoming a freelance writer. Learn her best-kept secrets and more with this kickass guide on how to be a freelancer that wins right now!

Tell Me More About the Freelance Blueprint

Hey there!

When I first tapped into the world of freelancing, I scoured the internet for information. Sure, there were articles here and there, but honestly? I hated having to spend hours reading through hundreds of blog posts only to get more confused by the minute. So let me save you the trouble of wasting your time and getting straight to the point.

The Freelance Blueprint is an 80+ paged eBook designed to give freelancing tips for beginners, teach you how to start freelancing with no experience and how to be a freelancer that doesn’t have to work slave like hours just to earn crumbs. 

Learn my secret tricks on how I managed to earn $15,000 within my first two months of freelancing and avoid all that financial heartache and stress of investing too much only to get little to nothing in return.

Starting a freelance business and building your own profitable empire on your corner of the big world wide web has never been made so easy to understand!

So consider me your freelance genie because starting your freelance business is about to get a whole lot brighter with the amazing Freelance Blueprint. 

xoxo Michelle

how to start a blog

and make money

Read Curated By Michelle's complete guide to creating a money making blog for newbies. Follow these step by step instructions and nab yourself a creative and financially freeing online blogging business for nearly $0. 

I have been making money online from my various niche blogs, so I am sharing with you my no fluff, no filler roadmap to blogging success right here.

From the set up process to building traffic and simplifying the different monetization routes you can take, this guide has all the blogging for beginners tips you need to succeed as a blogger today!


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